Motvet LLC

10 years of successful cooperation

Motvet LLC started its activities on providing content and other services for cellular network users in 2003 with the assistance of KODOFON and Avage Inc., information and communications technology providers. Development of IVR and SMS platform was started based on FastOtvet Infotainment Delivery Platform.

2003, 2004 were the formative years of the Motvet brand, first technical solutions were delivered and services on launching the 0912 voice portal similarly called Motvet were provided.

Rapid growth of cellular networks in Russia in 2004 to 2007 and popularity of voice products pushed forward making of voice solutions for users and businesses. Over this period the company cooperated with STS, MTV, TVC TV channels and with local Stolitsa and Zvevda channels. Several projects were done for popular TV shows. In 2005 the company entered new markets. An affiliated company Motvet Ukraine (now Ves media) was set up in Ukraine and a few major cooperation projects with content providers from Belarus and Kyrgyzstan were carried out.

In 2005 Motvet Ukraine was making good progress and became a partner and organizer of the three voting sessions at a television singing competition The Star Factory (Ukraine).

By the middle of 2007 the company was working with all mobile operators available in Russia.

Huge demand for short code services and mass texting, which are still powerful tools for advertizing and increasing customer loyalty, prompted the company to launch a partnership program for legal entities called in 2008 and 2009.

Since 2007 sms services experienced fast growth. From 2007 to 2010 Motvet and Vympelcom developed and promoted unique sms services for operators’ subscribers.

Starting from 2010 new generation Android and iOS mobile phones appeared on the market which required market change, new technical solutions and services. Since the end of 2010 until now the company has focused on the development of Android applications, partnership program and several in-house projects described in more detail at the company’s website