TracKing LLC

Innovative tracking solutions

TracKing LLC ( was founded in 2008 specifically to help KODOFON speed its innovative solutions in the field of automated mobile object monitoring systems to the market. Automated Mobile Object Monitoring System provides advanced solutions for logistics needs and real-time mobile object monitoring.

Its high-tech equipment allows the system to track the location and condition of mobile objects outfitted with an on-board set of equipment from the control center regardless of their location. Objects are tracked using global positioning systems NAVSTAR GPS and GLONASS which ensures highly accurate calculation of object coordinates. This means that you can be aware of their accurate location at any time. Satellite radio transmitters continuously send their signals towards the Earth and they are received by GPS/GLONASS user terminals. The communication between the control center and the system’s on-board module as well as GSM technologies are enabled via wireless high data rate digital communication channels, which is especially relevant for isolated industrial sites, remote localities and private premises where GSM communication is unavailable. These solutions are delivered through our knowledge and expertise in Wi-Fi and WiMAX networks and equipment developed in collaboration with the experts of KODOFON and “Concern”Sozvezdie”.

On-board equipment and software have been developed by TracKing engineers and are made from components by the world leading navigation and radio transmitting equipment manufacturers. The company’s employees have unique experience in developing hardware and software solutions for agriculture. The equipment has watertight housing and enhanced vibration stability which ensures its reliability in severe operating conditions. The equipment is able to transmit and process data received from various attachments (disc headers, sowing machines, watering systems, harvesting equipment). Field contours can be plotted on an electronic map which will allow calculating amounts of work completed, number of effective runs, fuel usage rate, automating record-keepers’ work and enable remote monitoring of agriculture works quality.

Additionally, the equipment can be connected to a CAN bus and transmit all technical data about vehicle condition remotely to the operator’s workplace. A set of equipment and software has been developed for transportation companies which allows monitoring freight transportation conditions (speed, temperature, vibration level), predicting the time of arrival to the destination point, recording the door opening time and place, emergency alerting, calculating the number of passengers (for passenger carrier companies).