VSRI “Vega” OJSC and KODOFON-T are Partners

Voronezh scientific-research institute “Vega” OJSC is a modern company combining deep research and production expertise, diverse workforce with sprawling infrastructure and end-to-end research and development cycle.

The company's core competences are development of mobile radio and management systems as well as complex telecommunication equipment for the Federal Protective Service and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Fifth generation of the special-purpose communication equipment is currently being used which provides wireless telephony and telecode communication to top government officials while on the move on foot and by car.

Application of up-to-date IT and digital communication technologies has allowed Vega engineers to design 6th generation wireless communication equipment based on methods of digital UHF reception and generation relying on SDR technology principles.

In addition, the researchers are working on the mobile communication system based on the advanced Ultra-wideband (UWB) signal technologies. Their application provides a number of unique opportunities and features. The developed UWB systems implementing Mesh-networks, IEEE 802.15.3а can act as back-up communication networks in extreme operating conditions. The company’s good economic and financial standing allowed Vega to win the title of the Best production company of the region in the field of electronic industry in 2011.

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