Voronezh State Technical University

Reliable scientific collaboration

Employees and researchers of KODOFON-T holding higher doctorate and PhD degrees in physics and engineering work with young scientists, teach in Information security systems department of Voronezh State Technical University and engage most gifted students in R&D projects.

The Information security systems department trains specialists in most priority and popular information security areas: Computer security, Information security of telecommunication systems, Information security of automated systems.

Voronezh State Technical University today is one of the largest higher education institutions in Russia. The student body including the students of the natural science and technical college is about 12 thousand people. 776 full-time university professors comprise over 80 full professors, 360 associate professors and doctors of philosophy.

The university includes mechanical and aerospace engineering institute, 4 engineering departments, off-site training department, pre-university and add-on training department, 40 chairs (30 graduate chairs), natural science and technical college, Voronezh branch of the Specialist training quality research center, Voronezh regional center of advanced information technologies, department of social occupations, 15 training and manufacture facilities. There are currently 5 post-secondary training programs, 7 higher vocational education programs, 25 Bachelor degree programs, 16 Master of Arts degree programs.

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