k-Line equipment

Equipment for wireless broadband access networking

k-Line equipment is primarily aimed at the professional communications market and is designed to enable work in harsh climatic conditions (low temperature, high humidity, high dust content, icing). The developed equipment can be utilized for high-speed data transmission and broadband access to information resources

Detailed information

The product is based on advanced Wi-Fi technologies (IEEE Std P802.11-2012 standard), accompanying telecommunication standards of IEEE 802.1, IEEE 802.3 family and Internet standards (RFC 768, RFC 791, RFC 792, RFC 793, RFC 826, RFC 894, RFC 1907, RFC 2131, RFC 2516, RFC 2865 etc.).

The developed equipment allows:

• arranging trunk data communication channels including to provide IT penetration to rural areas for the distance of up to 50 km (channel data rate is up to 300 Mbps);

• arranging multiple access of mobile subscribers and private residence users to the data communication network with up to 30 Mbps data rate when using standard Wi-Fi subscriber equipment (including Wi-Fi modems built into smartphones, laptops, netbooks and tablet computers) and up to 80 Mbps when using k-Line subscriber equipment with Ethernet interface;

• build a wideband access network in a wide frequency range with a bandwidth from 5 MHz to 40 MHz, which allows efficient use of the available frequency resource;

• arrange unloading of congested cellular networks using Wi-Fi offloading technology according to the specifications of 3GPP TS 23.234, 3GPP TR 43.902.

k-Line product line includes base and subscriber stations as well as point-to-point equipment with integrated and outdoor antennas.

k-Line equipment enables the following:

• Different design modifications including those complying with IP-67

• Easy-to-use WEB-interface for control and monitoring

• Extended frequency range: 2192-2734 MHz, 4800-6100 MHz

• MIMO 2×2 support

• Maximum channel data rate of 300 Mbps in 40 MHz frequency band

• Maximum communication range of up to 50 km

• Comprehensive point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and ad-hoc network solutions

• Compatibility with any standard Wi-Fi equipment

• Work of any Wi-Fi equipment in the ad-hoc network (mesh-portal mode)

• Professional (operator) functions

• Support of SNMP and Telnet control protocols

• Possibility to choose between 5, 10, 20 and 40 MHz bandwidths

• Support of QoS, VLAN and Multi SSID

• Extended authentication methods WPA and WPA2 Enterprise, including the support of EAP-SIM for Wi-Fi offloading. At the moment in the open market k-Line telecommunication equipment (without taking into account military products) is competitive with domestic and foreign equipment in this field.

The main competitive advantages of k-Line equipment are:

• extended frequency range,

• support of ad-hoc network in mesh-portal mode,

• support of professional (operator) functions,

• remote control via SNMP and Telnet protocols,

• possibility to choose between 5, 10, 20 and 40 MHz bandwidths,

• support of QoS, VLAN and Multi SSID,

• extended authentication methods WPA and WPA2 Enterprise including EAP-SIM support for Wi-Fi offloading.

The use of k-Line equipment allows greatly reducing the expenses on building a wideband data communication network in sparsely populated areas compared to application of fiber optic communication lines or connection to satellite telecommunication channels. In particular:

• laying of optical fiber cable in permanently frozen soil, extreme temperatures, impassable woods, marshlands is technologically unrealizable;

• current grouping of telecommunication satellites does not have any channels with sufficient capacity available;

• the cost of building a telecommunication infrastructure using fiber lines or creating an additional telecommunication satellite group is much more expensive and more complicated from the technology point of view than making of the infrastructure using k-Line wideband wireless data transmission equipment.


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