m-Line Routers with multiple Channel Bonding

m-Line bonded routers allow arranging Internet access in mobile and fixed facilities. This is achieved by aggregating data channels of mobile providers which leads to higher data rates and increased reliability.

The number of bonded 3G/4G links depends on the m-line model and varies from 2 to 4.

IMPORTANT! Unlike similar GSM routers with multiple SIM cards, where channels are selected depending on the signal quality and switching is used, in m-Line all data links work simultaneously, the throughput of the channels is summed up. This enables high-speed and seamless connectivity.

m-Line Design Solutions

m-Line Indoor

m-Line Indoor

m-Line Indoor is suitable for indoor use

m-Line Outdoor

m-Line Outdoor

m-Line Outdoor is suitable for outdoor use and severe operating conditions

m-Line Automotive

m-Line Automotive

m-Line Automotive can be mounted on moving vehicles such as cars, buses and trains

How m-Line works

  • After power up, m-Line unit automatically connects to the networks of 4 mobile providers and is ready for operation. M-Line system combines wireless communication channels of mobile providers based on a certain algorithm. Data is transmitted in all 4 channels simultaneously. The transmitted data is collected on an aggregation server that has broadband Internet access and sent to the Internet.
  • The response is sent back in the same way: data from the Internet gets to the aggregation server, passes through the aggregated communication channels of four mobile providers and is collected by the m-Line system. If communication networks of any operators are unavailable, m-Line instantly distributes traffic among communication channels of other mobile providers.
  • This approach ensures very high connection reliability. Traffic redistribution is invisible to users. For example, if a high capacity file is transmitted via m-Line, the process will not be interrupted even in case of a short fading in all communication channels of cellular networks.
  • Parallel data transmission over the communication channels of the available cellular networks increases the total throughput of the m-Line system. For example, if communication channel throughput is 10, 20, 40 and 50 Mbit/s, then the resulting throughput will be about 120 Mbit/s

More details on m-Line

Brief overview of m-Line

Detailed overview of m-Line

m-Line Applications

интернет в машину

Connected Cars

In today’s world having a reliable high-speed Internet connection in a car isn't a luxury, it's a necessity

интернет в автобусе

Connected Buses

Passenger WiFi can certainly make public transport services more attractive. A monetization approach by showing ads is possible

интернет в поезде

Connected Trains

m-Line provides enough bandwidth and a reliable connection to ensure mobile Internet connectivity in passenger trains

интернет на дачу

Internet Connectivity in the Country

A high-speed wireless Internet option for a better experience in the country

интернет в офис

Landline alternative for Offices

m-Line delivers a cost effective solution for your office. The bandwidth is enough to be shared by all office employees

интернет на склад

Internet Connectivity in Remote Facilities

m-Line is a useful tool for remote facilities such as warehouses, gas stations, sales points

интернет в сельском хозяйстве

Internet Connectivity in Rural Areas/Smart Farming

Broadband Internet access in agriculturally used areas is essential given the current automation level

интернет телеметрия

Critical Infrastructure Facilities

A reliable Internet connection is paramount for critical infrastructure facilities. m-Line provides 4-time channel backup to monitor and manage the facility

интернет резервный канал

Backup channel

m-Line provides a backup communication channel for Internet providers in case the backhaul connection is lost and 99,99% UpTime is needed