IT solution for public transport m-Line

KODOFON-T LLC has developed an innovative system for aggregating the traffic of mobile operators under m-Line trademark. This solution provides IT support, tackles operation and security issues relating to public transport.

m-Line is able to resolve a number of mobile communication issues facing the users:

  • Standard mobile communication technologies do not always ensure high-speed and reliable Internet access en route in public transport.
  • It is virtually impossible to build a special wireless high-speed Internet access network for public transport because of a lack of available frequency resources required.

m-Line offers a solution to the above problems.

  • KODOFON-T has developed a system for combining (aggregating) the available resources of wireless service providers along the entire route of public transport.
  • The developed system SW allows automatic access to telecommunication resources of 4 and more wireless service providers to public transport passengers.

m-Line system provides some additional opportunities and advantages.

Public transport monitoring

On-board equipment m-Line automatically determines public vehicle location.

Availability of a communication channel and transport location data allows building a system for public transport traffic control.

KODOFON-T offers a full solution on public transport monitoring and control including any functionality tailored to Customer's needs.

Safety and security

Additional option - installation of a video surveillance system;

Continuous video recording including saving of data on a local data medium;

Real-time streaming of video at dispatcher's request or by a driver/engineer pressing an alarm button.