Equipment for housing and community amenities (HCA)

A line of equipment can be developed based on standard unified electronic modules available on the market (ZigBee and GSM/UMTS/LTE modules by Digi International, Sierra Wireless; Atmel, PIC controllers).

Over the next few years a substantial market of housing and community amenities (HCA) equipment is expected to be formed in Russia as a result of regulatory change (energy saving law, a number of legislative documents relating to HCA). This is one of the main motivations to develop a line of HCA equipment.

The line of equipment will include:

  • devices recording the readings of domestic (residential) meters (water, gas, power, heating) with self-contained power supply (without the connection to power network) and wireless data transmission;
  • indoor multiplexer collecting all meter recordings, its packing and transmission to a data collection server via a GSM (UMTS/LTE) channel or a wired Internet access channel;
  • devices for situation monitoring and emergency detection (for example, water leakage) in public places, basements and attics;
  • security (break-in prevention) and access monitoring systems for basements, attics, lift engine rooms and other service facilities.

The software will contain:

  • data collection server which receives and stores information from indoor multiplexer and devices located in public premises;
  • dispatch AWS SW ensuring that data are received from the server and subsequently processed (collection of statistics on average and maximum consumption, identifying peak times, etc).