Patent research

The main activity of KODOFON-T LLC (successor of JSC KODOFON) is research and development. Our scientists, engineers and programmers have carried out customer and in-house R&D projects for over 23 years in order to boost company growth. All R&D works were carried out in line with an absolute novelty criterion. This means that all R&D projects implied patent and scientific and technical research which confirmed non-infringement quality of the inventions. Over 100 patent applications had been filed based on our work results which successfully passed the state examination in the federal state budgetary institution “Federal Institute of Industrial Property”. Russian Federation patents were granted on completion of the state examination.

KODOFON’s team includes experienced patent engineers who conduct patent research according to GOST R 15.011-96 currently in force. Patent research (UDK OKS 01.040.01 T52 OKSTU0015).

Patent research covers investigation of the engineering level and current trends in the development of facilities used for economic activities, their patentability, novelty and competitive performance based on patent and scientific and technical information.

Patent search is carried out in the following electronic databases:

All information available in foreign languages is translated by our company’s experienced translators.

Therefore, our customers can be sure that KODOFON’s team of qualified professionals will ensure high quality of R&D projects meeting the absolute novelty criterion, provide copyright protection of the invention or utility model, patenting of R&D work results (invention or utility model) in any country. Our patents and publications are found on Patents and Publications pages of our website.